<![CDATA[THE MC - Blog]]>Sun, 20 Dec 2015 07:06:02 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[DeCember  project,  planning  a facebook page.]]>Thu, 27 Nov 2014 17:33:57 GMThttp://themc.weebly.com/blog/december-project-planning-a-facebook-pageSo i grew tired of avoiding blender for the past weeks forcing myself to take a forceful vacation because the last project was pretty bad hardwork! anyway, i came back to modelling, and few things that happened over the last weeks.

Now first i'll tell you bunch of things that happened and then couple of things that are about to happen.

First. My Blendermarket vendor application got accepted, this opens a huge number of possibilities. By possibilities i mean that things that i wanted to purchase for 6 months now i can buy them!! i just need some paypal account and all. Plus this next project is somewhat related to that.... sorry.

Coming forward to why and how my application got approved, you see, over the past all my projects have been successful enough to encourage someone else to give it a render. when i learnt that my rendering skills are not good enough i made a decision to use the images of other peoples renders on my portfolio. what they rendered was better than what i did... and that only made it possible to get my application approved. All credits have been given properly to each person who rendered my models. If you are one of those who did me a favor i did link all my visitors to your site. 

And other than that there are allot of things going on in school, i discovered that weather i keep working in blender on a project has no effect over my grades. there is not much difference in my marksheet ever since i took my vacation. So i can keep working on a project. Plus its great to have your mind occupied... Working in blender is allot better than reading books.

Now what's upcoming and all.
What's upcoming is another model from me.. yay. Its actually a pretty good challenge of my modelling skills.. since i kindof didn't wan't to do another car, i am doing something that is NOT A CAAR. a forum thread will be up as soon as i do finish a part of it.

Since its a one month project (this time promise... it won't take longer than one month.) i'll have january to take care of my exams and all and after march i'll have 4 free months. Enough to begin the ANIMATION PROJECT 2015.  And since this next projec is going to be on sale on blendermarket.com if i earn anything i'd buy a wacom because i want it. "money invested in a hobby is never wasted."-someone. 

for the most part that's it.
<![CDATA[when  unexpected  happens, week 2 CHALLENGE  goes big.  birthday artwork?]]>Sat, 11 Oct 2014 17:54:45 GMThttp://themc.weebly.com/blog/when-unexpected-happens-week-2-challenge-goes-big-birthday-artworkSo only people who read this blog (only a few of them) know that i am doing this weekly thing about creating artworks and whatnot.. it just has to be on a weekly basis. This week was different.. I sort-off learnt a lesson that i should have learnt long ago.

I've been sick, I shouldn't be writing this but resting on my bed. Oh well.

This weeks artwork (the image above) was posted to BA forum first. i didn't expect that much attention but it seems that this artwork is going places!

As you can see that the image is quite depressing, i don't know if you want to hear its backstory but i'll just let things remain the way they are.

This render got posted on the Blender Guru facebook page and it hit many..MANY likes and comments and shares, i didn't expect that actually but people seem to like it!! although don't read the comments of that post, Some people seem to have misunderstood the message. but alot of them got the point so need need to worry about others.

some BA guys told me that i should do something cheerful for my next artwork, I don't have a clue of how to do that.
That's why i am writing this blog post, i need your help to like give me some ideas.

But first.. here's some info regardless
1. birthday of my sister in upcoming weeks
2. Biggest festival of lights on its way.

there was a artwork that was a gift to an artists sister on her birthday i think... ii'll have to take some inspiration from that only. :l

like i said I've been sick, i think i'll rest.

sorry i forgot to write these posts.. substitutes tomorrow.
<![CDATA[The Big animation  project...  OFFICIALLY  starts .]]>Wed, 01 Oct 2014 16:33:45 GMThttp://themc.weebly.com/blog/the-big-animation-project-officially-startsSo about damn time.. On 1st of October, marks the pre-production start of a 8-15 mins long animation.

By pre-production i mean only the concepts being finalized, all the work done in pre-production is not the final output, more like a page-to-page script written to just "describe" the final output.
Sorry i didn't have any specific artwork for this post, rather i will just share a unfinished scene which should be over this week.

By the start of the project i mean the "idea" is clear to me, that idea is the main stuff to start something.
Once you get an idea of it, any other progress will be based on that idea and you have to make sure weather it follows that idea. 

I could describe it now, but it won't make any special sense to you. I can only describe it to me and in only my head. But i could atleast tell you basic features.

Consider these My weekly/Monthly notes of Progress:-

1. The story 

- For the past month i was worrying about how unpleasing my animation would be, if you know that Pantural animation, i don't have to say much about it but you know that its story is... well there's no specific story. If i were to try and recreate another car animation with no story it won't make any sense to anyone.
-Now that i have a story which allows supercars racing aimlessly. Which means that no one will say
"yeah the animation's pretty cool but i don't get why these cars are fighting and for what so 3/5 stars from me"
and that also for which the story is perfect for.  The excitement to work on it increases.

2. The pre-viz
- A Pre-visualization animation is planned in order to gain attraction for the possible volunteerism for working on this project with me.
-The reason for pre-viz being the same as for a architect, when he goes to the market to sell his design, He is likely to get any customers showing only a bunch of blueprints. He will get a larger attraction with the use of some Architectural renders.

that's all for this week
Pranavjit Virdi   

BTW.. what software do you guys prefer for writing scripts? i hate MS word no matter what year version it is for tasks like technical writing. I heard there was an adobe software once.
<![CDATA[Week 1, challenge complete. Exams  over!!]]>Wed, 24 Sep 2014 16:22:51 GMThttp://themc.weebly.com/blog/week-1-challenge-complete-exams-overthe week one of my weekly challenge is complete! let's see what we have here.
so you know what was going through my mind when i saw what other people came up with when i gave them my car? i was like 
"shit my renders really are bad!!.. i'll do something about that"
and i think the above image neutralizes every awesome render by every other person other than me so far.
i should probably put the black and white version of it too.. you know.. because it's just too awesome for not to be included

for the most part that's it.. from this point forward imma type some useless stuff that probably doesn't matter. i will not blame you for closing this tab now. BYE GUYS!

okay, so my exams are over.. for the most part i think they went like shit... i really did not give my 100% and really didn't bother to give my 100% either. I just hope i pass all of them.

that just clarified me up on what mistakes I've been doing this past semester and what i have to do now for this next semester. 
Its just been like this with me for over the last decade of performing like shit in the first semester and scoring acing grades in the second. I don't know what to do about it but it works! I'd rather give my 100% in the second term rather than just try to in the first term.

no offence to any top scorer, but most of the people i see acing every test are a bunch of idiots when it comes to real life, by that i only mean students of my own class.. so don't take it any other way.

also i opened a sketchbook on BA and posted the above renders along with one i didn't post here. So far the response was really positive. except for the one i didn't post here... which is why i didn't post it here.
come have a look

because i will be doing a regular weekly random thing i thought it's best to open one now. 
my next random thing is also mentioned there. not the outcome just the inspiration.

OKAY BYE GUYS! sorry for such short post. i really didn't have anything interesting to type.
if you have any questions regarding the renders(like maybe how did i do that thing??) feel free to post it in the comments below. seriously feel free.. there's no one else watching and judging you based on that.

oh also the new webpage of this site went up. not much there but more to come :)
<![CDATA[new  plan.. new challange!]]>Mon, 15 Sep 2014 19:37:19 GMThttp://themc.weebly.com/blog/new-plan-new-challangeso to do something that is necessary and needs be done.. imma try something probably no one has not tried to do before (double negative).
old image: one of my first grass attempt.
So if you haven't heard this week's blenderguru podcast.. do it.. now!!http://www.blenderguru.com/podcasts/ep51-advice-17-year-old-me/#.VBcyxvmSzTp

in this article he talked about what advises he would've given to a 17 year old who is just starting on 3D.
he tells how important it is to have a blog and a website. Its amazing that I'm following those advises before they even came out!, like i have this blog for a week now, and the site traffic increased so i think its being read. 
if it's not i'll do something about it.

anyway.. getting inspired from his podcast!. I now plan on creating one artwork every week. That's about half of my leisure time gone! plus i stay awake until 3 or 4 A.M , so it's better if i find some solutions of most complicated problems in blender through creating regular artworks rather.

For eg. i can right away relate to this, right now i'm figuring out how to create a dirt cloud caused by a car drifting in the dirt.
now you may be thinking that it's easy like, it's actually not. (what a surprize!!?). it lies somewhere between creating a real cloud and a smoke simulation in cycles. Ofcourse, we already know how hard it is to create a cloud in cycles(its not figured out yet by anyone) and it's even harder to create a combination of it with a smoke simulation.

this is my this weeks artwork, creating a dusty car render. and each week i'll figure out how to get complicated things done in blender and cycles probably. 

the way this will stay challenging is that it won't be any of my original concept for the artwork, most of the artwork will be copied from the net and that too for a specific reason.

when creating your own idea or concept for an image your mind somehow functions in a way that tells you to create the parts of the image based on what you can easily do. it avoids things that you don't know how to do or don't want to try to. Personal example: out of every car render I've thought as my original concept doesn't have any use of rigging, texture painting, sculpting. the one and only thing i know is modelling and some simulations in blender. My last "original idea" in its original form consisted of just that, modelling and simulating things being shattered. If i wanted to include some rigging in that idea i'd probably think of adding a driver walk upto the car in a walking pose while playing with his keys. But because of that "do only easy things for new ideas" that other idea got less chance than the one i could easily do.

in the end, i didn't learn anything special by going the easy way. And to make sure i didn't have to chose again, i thought of taking some "not mine" concepts and trying them in 3D and make a scene everyday.

In the end, i have some free time. i better learn something. And i hope to learn more from this weekly experiment in 6 months than a 2 year long project.

anyway, regular readers till now please comment. i would love to know your names and stuff. TellMeAboutSomethingAboutYourselfInTheComments.
if you don't have anything to say.. just link your portfolio in there so i can leave a response to how nice it is :)

till next time, i will see you later.
<![CDATA[#3 the next  "big" project!  would  i require assistance?]]>Fri, 12 Sep 2014 14:40:56 GMThttp://themc.weebly.com/blog/3-the-next-big-project-would-i-require-assistanceThe next big project after the Aventador J. As much of a challange it will be to me, to do this project is my long time awaited wish! The only thing that i will guarantee is that this project I will not abandon whatever the given circumstances. Read more to find out how i plan on doing it
frame from the legendary PANTURAL animation that was one of my first inspiration to start learning 3d.
This project being my first animation. I want to make it so special that i don't have to reply to people saying:
"guys gimme a break.. tis just my first animation" ,
and rather reply with
 "aww yiss... no i'm not lying this IS my first animation"... there's a difference. And Nothing is Impossible given that there'd be no time limit. (there will be one but that will be decided during the middle of the project)

the image attached is the only type of idea i can give you about what it's about. 

Confirming and establishing this project in the blog because it's still in its early age and that will mark it nicely on the history and reduce if i accidentally forget about it. this article will only cover a small part of its execution/production as a whole.


So to begin with, it will start the very next month. I have six months to carefully plan it.
the way i will plan it it will have no account of any limitation of skill. like i won't be saying
"yea.. that scene is too complex.. i won't do it cause it's impossible for ME or OTHERS"
but rather saying-
"yea.. that scene is too complex.. but it's awesome so it's not going anywhere other than the final cut"
that way the "Challenge factor" will remain at it's highest, and the "Learning factor" of this project as-well.

Now while planning, i may overdo it and it ACTUALLY becomes IMPOSSIBLE for me. If its one of those things that require probably months to figure out correctly i will in-short hire someone. By "hire" i mean i won't pay them, nope.. to young for that ATM. ofcourse that problem i am talking about can be tackled but i don't want the project to come to a halt of months just because of it. and sometimes that problem can make you abandon your whole project.

it's 80% possible that i will definitely hire people(from the community ofcourse), given that its a short animation there are least chances of denial by the community. Worst case scenario - i have to do everything by myself.

the other "hiring" i may do is to ask someone to do half of the work i do.
For e.g the animation may contain city scenes, we have to make 40 buildings, i will sketch out 40 of them and ask the "hiree" to make 20 of them. tasks like these aren't exactly interesting(very boring actually) and it may be healthy for the project if one person doesn't have to do all the super boring/frustrating stuff.

i wouldn't tell now if i need someone who specializes in modelling or renderinr or texturing simply because i myself don't know the answer to that, it may depend all on the planning i do and what all work i plan on doing myself and what all i don't, depending on what all i don't i would require someone who specializes in a certain area.

i know it's a little sad that i won't be able to pay you for your efforts and i can totally understand if you chose not to work on this project. But at the same time it would be unreasonable since this isn't exactly a profit generating project which generates money after the output. so if your reason to deny it is that its not a paid work you should realize that its not giving me any money either. 

not saying that the same reason is not genuine... you may be in need of money at the time and it would be depressing for me to actually give you any sort of work without paying you. So no hard feelings, people!

on the upside the hardwork may be recognized by the community and the work may make it too the cycles showreel or even the blender showreel of that year which is exactly the highest appreciation you're gonna get for making an animation... there is no higher value appreciation than that you will be credited for the work no less than you deserve.

so in-short.. this will be a dedicated project and if i find the project needs more dedication then i will find some dedicated people who are willing to work on it.
<![CDATA[#2 article, my lamborghini, Will apple pay work? blenderguru's  hirin'.]]>Wed, 10 Sep 2014 10:10:00 GMThttp://themc.weebly.com/blog/2-article-my-lamborghini-will-apple-pay-work-blendergurus-hirinAs some of you know.. I'm a bit occupied this month because of exams. I don't have time to open blender even once. So for this 2nd article, imma use this render from a forum friend called Velstydes.
go ahead and tell him he's awesome on his portfolio    
the model in the above picture is mine.. incase you didn't know. this is a brilliant and awesome render i got along with others from the community after i shared the model online. 

now when i think about it.. the model looks "too unfinished" to me, now this mght spread some sudden realization things to people who already think its awesome. but on the other hand i am satisfied as well.
I've talked too much about the model on the forums and right now don't feel the need to talk more about it. Just a thing of experience that people render great renders(what??) if it's not their own model.
for eg.. if i try to render it it'll be like meh. But when someone else tries to.. for some reason they do it better than you. Maybe because as a modeller you know the secrets of the model and don't want to show the dull areas that you left without much detail in the render. Some other person doesn't! maybe i don't know its just a theory.

now.. last night i stayed awake to watch the apple even for iphone6's(two of them) and iwatch and their new tech called apple pay. The way they put was like "no other mobile form of transactions has worked before" and "this will probably do because we forced other companies and payed them to make it work"

In America.. this will with no doubt work, because they get their iphones on contracts which make it cheaper to buy and stuff (i don't know how it works after you bought it). BUT, in any country other than america. this will go a huge fail. Simply because, im using my own city as example, in my city probably 1 out of 50 people use an iphone. Due to the fact that there are no contract purchases + we have to pay for import of it aswell, the cost goes just a bit lower than double the amount of it's factory unlocked version.
and no one then is willing to pay double the price for an already overpriced phone. 

Just because of that, no store will bother to get apple pay integrated as the amount of people with iphones will take just 2% of their daily customers.

plus after the recent celebrity leak.. no one's sure they trust their software's security anymore. 

i know that apple pay thing is just not for this blog, but oh well. who cares?.

what do you think about all this? I'm not a hater of apple.. i would be one if i could afford any of them products.

Is any one of you guys like sending his/her portfolio's to Andrew Price? he is hiring for a short film and stuff, and he requires a hardsurface modeller, rigger, and animator.  i've sent mine as modeler and hope to like get approved because it said that he is looking for someone eager to gain experience and stuff.

I already have a next year plan to make an animation, the epic cars animation every car modeler has dreamed to make. this next 6 months i am into the planning of that. But if i get like approved of the Andrew Price's short film then that would like kick start my collage admission right after school!, you have to send in your portfolio's to get sort of invited for an interview here and based on that they give you a seat. having a VFX heavy film that i worked partially on would like double my value or something.

that being said... my car animation film is a big project in its own. If my vision is correct then it would look better than PANTURAL legendary animation, i can make it a team project as well. but surely... who wouldn't want to work with blenderguru? and Colin Levy? shouldn't miss the opportunity.

comment if you'd be sending your portfolio's to him. For me, I'm gonna finish this site first and that may increase my chances.
<![CDATA[blog  begins!!]]>Mon, 08 Sep 2014 09:10:06 GMThttp://themc.weebly.com/blog/blog-beginsIt's been a while... since i've actually blogged on this site. you don't even remember the last time cause you weren't here!!!!
so to make it clear, the last time i did this was about 5 years ago when i had this craze to become a magician and had this site for my youtube channel (ahhh those days)...

I've named this page as My Sketchbook because presumably its going to be an art blog!. Who thought about that? but not a complete 100% art one but more of "yea.. its just a blog who cares?" one.

This site is under a redesign. For months now i wanted to renovate it so i have a chance now and this blog is one of my brilliant ideas to include in the site. Since there's a chance that viewers might come again.
you know.. missing reading this blog or whatever :P

I never had the chance to properly introduce myself on this site. it had a large Anonymous factor which was kinda depressing. I love to write or type or whatever so i chose this place to do this.

INTRO:  i really don't know what to say.. so i should write the truth probably
I'm a student currently doing his first year of highschool (in terms of American edu. system) and in class X (in terms of Indian edu. system). so there's that.
for four years now I've been learning allot about 3D graphics and visualizations through an awesome software called blender.
Before that i was trying to be (or now a retired) Youtuber having fun doing Aftereffects.for two years until i decided to learn 3D and make more awesome things.
you can check out whatever good i did in the page "My Works" if you like to.

that's about it. I'd love to reveal more but i would hesitate to do so.

since the site is under redesign... there is one more page to come and with it two more subpages. stay tuna.

oh and i think the rate of this blog would be like 3 articles in one week and if i get some success or anything doing it i my increase the rate.